I've been to cols' other business he had years ago where Corowa McDonald's is now. The work he's done for me I found to be up to standards and happy to recommend him. I've met Col through my parents nearly 20 years ago & always thought he's a man of good character and hard worker. Being a man that has a heart of gold, he will go above and beyond to make his customers happy.

-Pauline. H

I was in search of a specialist for vehicle repair and maintenance. CJS Mechanics and Air con helped me not only in oil change but in fixing the brake and accelerator of my car. They are very honest people as they charge a reasonable price for their service. Highly recommendable!

-Van Smith

Repairing my car at CJS Mechanics and Air Con was one of my best experiences. They have super friendly workers and amazing customer assistance. I had knowledgeable people at my help thus I would like to avail your services again and again.

-Joanne Campbell

I receive instant solution with having to pay the extra price. They did not cheat me neither kept me waiting for hours. I can trust them and appreciate their extraordinary service!